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Organized in 1981, Luz Farms, Inc., is committed to providing you with the best in swine genetics and breeding stock, at the most competitive price, and to supporting you with timely, responsive, and personalized service. This is the very foundation upon which we built and developed our business.

Over the decades, we have consistently fulfilled our commitments. We have brought together local and global expertise to introduce the latest advances in herd health and management. We have used cutting the edge technology of leading international suppliers and/or proprietary swine genetics and research. In fact, LFI is the sole multiplier in the Philippines of the globally-renowned JSR Healthbred pig genetics. We have been awarded an exclusive license by JSR to produce, raise, and distribute the JSR Genetics. We also sell market breeders, weanlings, fatteners, and semen for artificial insemination.

As a member of the corporate network of Sarmiento Management Corporation (SARMAN), we are part of a company that has been consistently recognized for its leadership and trailblazing innovations in agriculture and industry. The visionary and dynamic leadership of SARMAN’s Chairman, Rogelio M. Sarmiento, has contributed to LFI becoming a prime mover and contributor to the development of the swine industry in the Philippines.

LFI’s integrated production facilities sit on a 30-hectare property in Barangay Pinagsibaan, Rosario, Batangas. We are at 1,700-sow level, potentially capable of producing 7,000 F1 gilts a year. One of the hallmarks of LFI's success is the continuous genetic improvement of our stock. We maintain our superior genetic stock by replenishing and upgrading our nucleus breeding stock with imported grandparent breeders and imported semen from high-indexed JSR boars artificially inseminated on rigidly selected high-indexed gilts.

LFI is also well-known for superior herd health and advanced bio-security. We operate a customized all-in-all-out production process which together with our strict bio-security program, contributes to ensuring genetic integrity, maximizing herd health, and minimizing disease risks. We also implement a basic disease-control regimen where swine undergo a series of vaccinations, deworming, and ecto-parasite control.

We recognize that our success rests on our ability to help ensure the competitiveness and profitability of our customers’ pork enterprises, at all stages of the production chain, as well as enabling processors and packers to deliver exceptional quality meat and customers’ preferred pork products.

Thus, LFI provides a comprehensive customer care and farm/swine management support program. We have customized programs for various types of clientele as well as a dedicated professional team to make sure our customers develop core competencies in the prevention, detection, and management of animal diseases as well as in the development of appropriate and effective farm management practices.

LFI provides you with all the support you need to raise a superior breed of hogs and operate a successful and profitable business. We share our technology and know-how in the JSR Swine Management Program with our customers through on-site coaching and training, regular consultations, and periodic farm visits. During farm visits, LFI also provides technical guidance and assistance for assessing the effectiveness of clients’ swine management procedures, and for analyzing and responding to swine health problems. Clients not only have the best performing breeders, they also have the best performing technical team.

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