Specialty Feeds

Ang VITARICH Panabong Feeds ay pinalakas ng PENTA FACTOR MAX formula na nagbibigay ng kakaibang gilas at pormang kampion sa bawat palo!


•  Breeder Pellet

•  FEEDING AGE: Breeding Hens or Pullets

•  FEED AMOUNT: 60-80G/hen/day

– Provide a well-balanced protein and essential    fatty acid ratio for bigger eggs

– Correct ratio of calcium and phosphorous for    improved egg quality

– Supplemented to support high hatchability and    good chick viability


•  Chick Booster Crumble

• FEEDING AGE: Day 0-14

•  FEED AMOUNT: ad libitum

– Provides the first solid food for stronger body and    great vigor

– Promotes body strength to with stand stress

– Stimulates rapid antibody production for increased    immunity


•  Conditioning Pellet

• FEEDING AGE: 1month before the fight

•  FEED AMOUNT: : 60-80g/ day

– High-endurance pellets for combat-ready stags    and cocks

– Packed with optimum nutrients and vitamin B-    complex for improved resistance

– Optimum vitamin E and selenium to combat stress    during intense activities

– Contains vitamins, minerals, essential amino and    faty acids for good fleshing and alertness